Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 1997 

Valentino Haute Couture FALL 2014 backstage by Jason Lloyd-Evans.
  • Life’s so tasteless when you’re 17, you’ve been to ever club in your city, VIP seating always. Been to every high end restaurant, everyNordstrom employee knows you. You’ve partied in every high rise penthouse in the city, drove around in bentleys and lambos to parties. Screamed from your massaged windows in bentleys while spilling alcohol on your designer clothes. Have girls always constantly messaging you to hangout, to go out. Known to be the party kid, the slut, the rich kid who doesn’t care. People screaming your name in downtown, guys you don’t even know. But now, I have no life. Everyones gone this summer, and i’ve started to have even greater animosity for this city. I need to leave, I’m tired of this all. Everythings crude now, the parties have lost the allure, my taste for boys has been gone. Tired everything here, I need to leave now.

  • ifloodemptylakes:

Commes des Garcons
    McQueen shoes tonight, finally out in the city with the gals.
    But can bob the builder fix yo nasty ass attitude
    Drinking tonight 😘💕
    how old are you?


    17, as I’ve menotioned before. 

    how much money to you have on you right now?


    End of the month, allowance is all gone. So about like $400. I don’t carry much money anyways. Whatever I need my mother pays for, so she just transfers money into my account or whatever. 

    current bank balance?


    negative three dollars? 

    Grunge #details at the Gucci Boutique. #pfw #portlandfashion #streetstyle